Based on a strong backbone of knowledge; the Fundamental Essence of Sticky Notes
Hopax is renowned for being an expert in paper-making chemicals, with a long history of providing a full range of chemical solutions for our customers’ paper mills, in response to various paper manufacturing requirements. This is the foundation stone for creating the future development of Stick’n repositionable notes.
“Gaining a thorough understanding of the characteristics of different types of paper became one of our major competencies. In addition to that, our knowledge of chemicals, with our core competence in emulsion polymerization adhesive technology, enabled us to achieve the perfect combination of paper and adhesive; thus, the creation of Stick’n sticky notes!” said Dr. Alex Kuo, the CEO of Hopax.


New Identity and Value
For the past 29 years, Stick’n has built a solid foundation by offering a variety of innovative self-stick products to our customers. In 2011, we moved forward with the renewed energy and confidence that the fresher, more modern and colorful Stick’n logo visually represented. We developed our commitment to our new slogan, “Sticking Close to You,” which reflects the essence of the brand promise: to provide creative products which can change how we live our lives, as they become little assistants, helping people to enjoy more wonderful and convenient ways of communicating messages to one another.
The rebranding not only conveyed the Stick’n values to customers, but also successfully increased sales to our global business partners, as a result of higher brand awareness.


Innovate with Stick’n
Stick’n is well recognized as one of the most innovative partners for many of our customers when they aim to grow their business. Stick’n established this presence by insisting on inventing at least three new products annually since 1987. Film Index and Clearnotes™ were the first of many breakthroughs in extending paper-based sticky notes to transparent and writeable plastic material. Self-stick Infoboard™ changes our perception from notes that are sticky, to creating a surface that something can be stuck on to. “Penfree” Notes provide a note that does not require a pen!
Over time, Stick’n has developed from modest beginnings to become the second-largest sticky notes manufacturing company in the world, with the reputation of “always offering something new”.


Join Us
We are dedicated to bringing more innovative products to consumers and customers, with continuous quality improvements. In addition, our Partnership Marketing Service Development Program has been developed to provide support to our distributors worldwide. Many of the Stick’n partners have used the marketing materials that we have created to achieve a higher sales; this set of versatile tools enhance communications to consumers.
With the best interests of our customers at heart, we are poised to fulfill your needs, today and in the future. We welcome you to join us.

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